How Real Estate Agents and Title Insurance Providers Work Together

February 5, 2022

On the surface, it would appear that real estate agents and title insurance providers have very different jobs when it comes to buying a home. A real estate agent is there to introduce a buyer to the property and help with negotiations. A title insurance provider steps in later in the process to help complete the requirements for closing the deal. A buyer would never walk through a home with a title insurance company, nor would they ever get title insurance through their realtor. However, that doesn’t mean that real estate agents and title insurance companies don’t work together.

While they may have different roles in the process of buying a home, both share a common goal of helping clients complete a home purchase and get the keys to their new property. With that goal in mind, there are many ways that real estate agents and title insurance providers work together.

Making Thoughtful Referrals

Perhaps the most common way that a real estate agent will work with a title insurance company is through providing referrals. When people buy a home, their first connection in the process is often their realtor. Some may be unaware of all the other professionals—including attorneys and title insurance providers—that are required throughout the process to close a home purchase. That means realtors play an important role in referring their clients to the proper trusted professionals.

Most real estate agents are selective about who they refer to their clients. After all, their reputation is on the line with each referral they make. They want to refer professionals or companies that will align with the client experience they work hard to deliver. Janus Title is built with client experience top of mind through industry-leading technology and an experienced team to back it up. It’s why so many successful real estate agents refer their clients to Janus Title when it comes time for closing and securing title insurance on their property.

Getting Deals Done

While title insurance is not a legal requirement for purchasing a home, it is a requirement for most buyers if they are using financing to help pay for it. Title insurance protects against title defects which may cause significant cost to the new homeowner and, ultimately, could result in their home being put to auction pay off debts like unpaid taxes. In putting out large sums of money to help borrowers purchase homes, lenders aim to protect against this risk by requiring title insurance.

Because a large percentage of buyers do finance their homes—which makes title insurance a requirement to get a deal done—real estate agents often have trusted partners in the title insurance industry. However, it’s about much more than just the title insurance itself. Some deals have a time constraint or may come with complex details that require more attention. In these cases, having the right title insurance provider working on the deal can make a big difference. To address those needs, Janus Title offers the Janus Turnaround: A promise of title insurance delivered faster than anyone else in the industry. It’s a great proposition for anyone, but especially those with a time-sensitive deal in the works.

There are also some deals that require a bit more hands-on attention from experienced professionals who can best navigate the real estate industry. While Janus Title puts an emphasis on our innovative technology platform, we don’t lose sight of the human aspect of this business. In fact, the leaders at Janus Title are ready and willing to step in and personally manage any complex deal that may come our way to ensure speed and satisfaction for clients. Many realtors call on Janus Title when they have a complex deal in the works, as they know they will get decades of experience working to complete the closing process for their client.

Managing the Entire Closing Process

While real estate agents are not directly involved in the closing process, they still want to oversee its management. These professionals develop relationships and build trust with clients who are making a major purchase, and they work hard to negotiate the best deals for them. After the effort they put forth in getting a deal to the closing stage, they want to know their clients will get the best experience possible and see their purchase come to fruition. Unfortunately, the closing process is not transparent or efficient with many title companies. It can leave some real estate agents feeling like they have been left out of the process and unsure of what their clients may be experiencing.

With the Qualia Connect platform offered exclusively by Janus Title, all parties involved in a real estate deal can communicate and collaborate on a single, centralized platform. Everything from scheduling meetings, launching video chats, and requesting digital signings can be done in one place with instant milestone updates as the process moves along. With this, realtors can watch as their clients’ deals move along and stay in touch with all of the professionals involved. If their clients have questions, they can provide answers right away. These features make it a valuable tool that savvy real estate agents can use to help deliver on exceptional client experiences from beginning to end.


Not all title companies are built the same, and not all have the expertise and resources to best work with real estate agents throughout the home buying process. That’s why Janus Title is a disruptor in this industry, and realtors looking to build on their existing partnerships are increasingly trusting Janus Title with deals for their clients.

To learn more about how Janus Title is changing expectations in the title insurance industry or to build a long-lasting partnership, contact us today.


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