5 Ways Janus Title is Changing the Closing Process

5 Ways Janus Title is Changing the Closing Process


People have adopted tech into every aspect of their lives. From shopping online to connecting with friends and family through video chat to ordering a meal through an app, technology is a part of almost everything we do. One industry that was lagging behind the trend towards tech was the closing industry. Some of the big players in the title industry felt there was no need to mess with the status quo. Everything worked, so what’s the problem?


At Janus Title, we took a different approach with a commitment to technology from the very beginning. People had become accustomed to Amazon Prime delivery, ordering an Uber ride in seconds, and being able to connect with their world right from their smartphone. So why should the title industry be any different?


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a need for the entire real estate industry to adapt to changing requirements and client buying trends. Seemingly overnight, closing processes changed to video chats, curbside signings, and digital signing. Janus Title was uniquely prepared to embrace these changes and, moving forward, the closing process may never go back to the way it was.


Here’s how Janus Title is changing the closing process forever.


1. Cloud Based Service


Some of the greatest tech that’s changing industries around the world is no longer based on a local device. Almost 70% of enterprise businesses are moving operations to the cloud. Some of the top reasons for moving to the cloud include improved security, modernization, and cost. In other words, the cloud is more efficient and flexible for modern businesses.


With Qualia Connect, offered exclusively in Chicagoland by Janus Title, the closing process is now in the cloud too. This brings together all information and data to connect all parties and offer the most streamlined experience. From integrated video chat to document storage to progress tracking and more, Qualia Connect pulls together a number of processes into one simple interface. Best of all, through the mobile app, all parties can stay connected throughout the closing process no matter where they may be working from.


2. The Janus Turnaround


For many clients, one of the most common complaints about the real estate closing process is how long it can take. From the outside looking in as an average person, there is a lot of sitting around and waiting for other parties. Real estate professionals understand the many various processes required to successfully complete a closing. The Janus Turnaround promises the fastest turnaround for title searches in the industry.


Thanks to superior, industry leading technology, Janus Title is able to make this promise to real estate professionals and the clients they work with. What does it all mean? It means faster closings, happier clients, and more deals completed.


3. Instant Quotes and Online Ordering


Janus Title helps take the guesswork out of getting quotes and placing orders for title searches. With instant online quotes and simple ordering through a streamlined virtual portal, real estate professionals get accurate pricing information right away and can begin the ordering process without any delay. Couple this with the Janus Turnaround and the closing process can be completed much faster than through more traditional channels.


Throughout the process, from getting an instant quote to placing an order, secure two-way communication is available for questions, concerns, and support. Information, documents, and data can be shared securely as well to help keep the closing process moving along quickly and smoothly.


4. Seamless Process from Beginning to End


Janus Title helps real estate professionals bring together a number of tools to ensure the closing process is seamless from start to finish. During the closing process, users and clients can monitor progress through the Qualia Connect app. In addition, milestones like e-signatures can be completed right within the platform. An integrated calendar helps keep all ongoing tasks on track and ensure there’s no scheduling conflicts with other closings. Best of all, the built-in scheduler connects with all associated calendars to ensure everyone required for a closing is available and ready. No double-bookings, no missed meetings, no upset clients.


Janus Title doesn’t just make the process of ordering and obtaining a title search easy, we ensure the entire process is managed as efficiently as possible for all parties involved.


5. Enhancing the Client Experience


Ultimately, the client experience is what drives everything. With Janus Title, industry professionals including lenders, lawyers, and brokers can ensure that they offer the best closing experience to their clients. This level of service allows professionals to differentiate themselves and their businesses from the competition. This can be integrated into branding and marketing as well.


Of course, even in our modern, tech-focused world, word of mouth still plays a huge role. With a faster, more streamlined closing process; closing day doesn’t have to be stressful for clients. They will tell their friends about their experience, share reviews on search engines, and comment on social media posts. The average client doesn’t often know what goes on behind the scenes during a real estate closing. All they know is how they feel about the experience. Janus Title helps ensure that feeling is a positive one.


Changing the Closing Process Together


Client-focused real estate professionals understand the importance of adapting to modern consumer habits. We have seen a lot of this innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lawyers adopted video meetings while realtors made use of virtual open houses. Shouldn’t the closing process match the tech forward experience clients have come to expect?


Janus Title is working to change the closing experience for both professionals and their clients forever. To learn more and join the transformation, contact Janus Title today.

How Real Estate Attorneys Use Janus Title to Become More Efficient

How Real Estate Attorneys Use Janus Title to Become More Efficient

2020 was a challenging year for many, to say the least. We saw lockdowns, people shifting to working from home, layoffs, business closures, a rapid decline in the stock market, millions of people falling ill, and so much more. All of this was combined with a constant feeling of uncertainty. Of course, when there is darkness there is light. Vaccines are rolling out, people have shown their resiliency in the face of an unprecedented global health crisis, and many businesses have used these difficult times to innovate and adapt to a future that may look very different from what we expected. Real estate attorneys were not immune to the challenges that everyone else experienced in 2020. Moving to a home office, coordinating with remote staff, conducting signings and meetings in the age of mask mandates and physical distancing; it was one challenge after another. On top of that, home sales appear to have dropped 15% year over year as people sit tight during the uncertainty, or put off buying a home until they feel more confident in the economy moving forward. However, with much of that uncertainty potentially beginning to recede in early 2021, buyers and sellers who have been sitting on the sidelines over the past months may be ready to take a leap. This presents a unique opportunity for real estate attorneys to grow their business, build new relationships, and provide a value proposition unlike anything clients may have experienced before.

Adapting to New Consumer Behaviors

COVID-19 has changed the way people behave, shop, and interact. While vaccines may prove to eliminate the need for some things like mandatory masks or strict physical distancing rules, people have also developed new behaviors that may be here to stay. However, not all of this was simply due to COVID. Consumer trends have been changing across all industries for years. The COVID-19 pandemic just added rocket fuel. For example, Millennials now represent the largest group of homebuyers at nearly 40%. These are people who have grown up on the internet, owned their first smartphone in high school or college, and have been Netflix subscribers since day one. In other words, Millennials haven’t just adapted to technology; they have grown up with it. What homebuyers of the past have looked for is not what Millennials necessarily want. These clients want a real estate closing experience that’s more like shopping online with fast turnaround, digital experiences, and a streamlined platform. At Janus Title, we are well aware of the demographic shift occurring in the real estate industry. By partnering with Qualia Connect, we’ve implemented a digital platform that puts an emphasis on client experience, efficiency, and fast turnaround times. In fact, the Janus Turnaround promises the fastest turnaround time in the business. With the power of Qualia Connect and a mind toward the future, Janus Title is able to help the professionals we work with offer a differentiated experience to their clients. With faster turnaround times, a digital platform, and improved management for attorneys, the focus can be put directly on the customer and their needs rather than juggling various processes all at once.

Providing a Digital Experience

At Janus Title, we make the closing process as digital as possible while backing it up with the best people in the business to support the professionals we work with. For real estate attorneys, this platform brings together a lot of different processes and tasks into one place. Everything from digital signing of nonnotarized documents, document storage, video chat, progress tracking, and information requests are all connected in one easy-to-use platform. Of course, this makes the process more seamless and efficient from a real estate attorney’s perspective but the most important thing is the client experience. For clients who aren’t well versed in the real estate closing process, everything can feel confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. By bringing the experience to a digital platform where communication is enhanced and the distraction of outside processes is limited, clients feel like they have better control or better understanding over the situation. At the end of the day, this means happier clients who had their deals closed faster. These clients are more likely to write online reviews, provide recommendations to friends or family, or pass their attorney’s business card along to a coworker. Staying connected is also easier for real estate attorneys. With the Qualia Connect mobile app, real estate closings can be managed and monitored from anywhere, on any connected device. COVID-19 showed the world the importance of being able to adapt to remote working situations. At Janus Title, we were able to offer the professionals we worked with a flexible solution that was ready to go right out of the box. There was no mad scramble during lockdowns to ensure processes could be transitioned because that work had already been done.

Building a Brand

Ultimately, all of this boils down to helping real estate attorneys to build their personal brands. Real estate closing can be a challenging thing to market. How does a real estate professional separate themselves from the pack? It’s through customer service, offering a differentiated experience, and delivering on expectations every single time. A digital offering with efficiency in mind means clients get an experience that exceeds their expectations for speed and customer service. This offering allows attorneys to go to market with an offering that’s unlike what their competition is able to provide. Most importantly, it means more clients completing more deals in a shorter amount of time. To learn more about Janus Title, the Janus Turnaround, and how to partner with us on your next real estate closing, contact Janus Title today.