Managing Secure E-Signings with Janus Title

Digital services have become the norm ever since the initial COVID-19 lockdowns and public health measures. Now, nearly two years on from those first days of the pandemic, the world has adapted to what feels like a constantly changing landscape of digital vs. in-person connections. The things that felt new and unusual just a few years ago are now everyday methods of doing business.

Of course, COVID-19 isn’t the only reason for this. It was simply the gas on the fire that sped up the transition to more digitally focused offerings from businesses around the world. The reality is that this transition was already underway, yet moving much slower prior to March, 2020.

Real estate is one of the industries most affected by the move away from in-person meetings to digital meetings. Digital open houses with detailed video tours are much more commonplace today, while the traditional open house with a communal plate of snacks for visitors are becoming less popular. Even the closing process has gone digital with many milestones being completed remotely and documents being signed digitally. Best of all, with Janus Title, making the transition to e-singings is simple for real estate professionals.

What is E-Signing?

The name e-signing is somewhat self-explanatory. An e-signature is a digital signature on a document designed to replace the need for a signature completed in-person. Pretty simple, right? The fact is that e-signing may appear simple on the surface, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure an e-signature on an important real estate document is legitimate and legal.

There are a wide range of e-signatures that can be used. Many PDF editing programs include the option to drop in a digital signature to complete documents without the need for printing and scanning. It’s a quick process but, unfortunately, doesn’t hold up in many legal situations. It is a convenience feature added to help process some basic documentation that requires a signature but likely won’t ever require scrutiny in court.

Secure e-signing for legal documents is a little more complex under the hood. The visual signature may look similar to other software programs that enable signing, but the real meat and potatoes is the digital trail that’s documented to prove the person signing the document is, in fact, the person whose name appears on the document. This is done by securing the signing process using encryption and requiring verification from the signer in order to access and complete the signing process.

With the digital proof of receipt and signing, the e-signing services offered by Janus Title through our exclusive Qualia Connect platform meet the verification and security standards to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

Why Consider E-Signing?

With an understanding of what e-signing is, the more important question is why real estate professionals would want to use e-signing beyond the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic. After all, pen and paper has worked for years and won’t be outlawed anytime soon.

The reality is that the demographics which make up the largest groups of homebuyers are changing rapidly. Regardless of what COVID-19 is affecting another year from today, the demand for digital services has grown and people buying homes expect a digital experience just like they enjoy when they shop online, order takeout, get a ride to their favorite bar, or stream the hottest new show. Millennials make up over 50% of homebuyers today and Gen Z is entering the market quickly as well.

Not only are consumer expectations changing, cultural norms are changing as well. Remote or hybrid work arrangements have become standard in many businesses. Video meetings have replaced traditional board room meetings. So why should people still need to travel to an office just to apply some ink to a piece of paper when there is a better way to sign documents?

Security Comes First

Of course, with any major transaction being completed digitally, there are bound to be questions about whether or not e-signing is secure. Qualia Connect was built with security and privacy in mind to ensure convenience does not come at the expense of data protection.

As mentioned before, the process to complete an e-signing is more than just drawing a signature on a screen instead of on a piece of paper. The entire process is encrypted and signers must verify their identity using a code or password in order to access, view, and sign the document. Once signed, the document is stored securely.

In some respects, digital signatures can offer even more security than signatures on paper. For example, there’s no risk that a digitally signed document could be dropped and then read by the next person to pick it up.

One Piece of the Puzzle

Most importantly, e-signatures are just one piece of the larger Qualia Connect picture. It is a helpful tool to enable digital closings for clients and offer a higher level of service, but it is far from the only feature offered by Janus Title to partnered real estate professionals.

Along with e-signature capabilities, users also have the ability to instantly request title quotes and place orders, communicate with other parties on a centralized platform, share documents in the secure cloud storage, plan and launch video meetings, as well as get milestone updates. All of these benefits come together as a complete package to set Janus Title apart from the competition.

To learn more about the exclusive Qualia Connect platform and discover how it can make your practice more efficient while also offering better client experiences, contact the experienced real estate professionals at Janus Title today.

How Janus Title Helps Attorneys Go (Almost) Fully Digital

The transition into offering digital experiences has been put into high gear since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online shopping became a staple in everyday life, curbside grocery pickup grew in popularity, and drivers for food delivery apps put countless miles on their vehicles. Even the real estate industry has made a strong move into offering more digital solutions to clients who may be concerned about the ongoing pandemic or those who may simply just prefer digital connections over in-person ones.

Regardless of the reasoning, the trend is clear; Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers and Gen Z is making their presence known as well. As younger buyers begin to enter the market, they are going to seek out experiences they are comfortable with. For real estate attorneys, this means putting a focus on adjusting their business to accommodate those who prefer digital connections. However, this can prove to be a challenge. Systems, policies, and procedures are already in place making pivoting the entire business a daunting task for some.

Luckily, Janus Title has the all-in-one solution to help any eager real estate attorney modernize their business and capture a growing market of clients who want to buy and sell their homes, their way.

Digital Communication Built In

Communication is key in the real estate industry and this is especially true for any real estate attorney. For many people, buying or selling their home could be the single largest legal contract they execute in their entire lives. Between status updates, meetings, and signings, there are a lot of touchpoints for an attorney and their client.

Janus Title makes digital communication seamless thanks to the Qualia Connect platform which brings together everything professionals need during the real estate closing process. From within the platform, attorneys can schedule and launch secure video chat, send encrypted emails, and direct message interested parties.

In addition, attorneys can receive instant updates through the platform 24/7. When a milestone is achieved, regardless of the day or time, real estate attorneys can quickly begin the next step of the process. No waiting for a call during business hours or chasing down updates by phone. All of the information is consolidated and up-to-date within the Qualia Connect platform.

Review and Store Documents

Anyone in the real estate industry knows the incredible number of documents required to complete a deal. In the old days, documents were printed and shared in file folders that looked ready to burst at the seams. Today, documents tend to be digital but are often shared via email or a range of other services which is more convenient than stacks of paper files but still disjointed and unorganized.

The Qualia Connect platform offered exclusively by Janus Title brings all of those digital documents together in one place for easy sorting, viewing, and update monitoring. Instead of having everyone involved in the process on their own platform with their own document management platforms, Janus Title brings everyone together under one digital roof with secure, cloud-based document storage. Not only does this provide a seamless experience, it also allows for all parties to easily access the documents they need whenever and wherever they need.

Complete Digital Signings

There can be a lot of signatures and initials required along the way to complete a real estate deal. With digital signings, clients and other parties can easily provide their signature without having to book time and travel to an office for a quick meeting to put pen to paper. This frees up more time in everyone’s schedule to get more work done and process more deals.

Plus, with the digital signing feature built into the Qualia Connect platform, everything stays under one umbrella. No need to upload documents to another platform just to request signing, download the completed documents, and store them again. The process is simple and fast for those requesting signatures as well as those completing the signing.

Some signatures are still required to be wet signatures due to state regulations. This means there may be some situations where pen to paper is required. However, Qualia Connect is built in a way that real estate attorneys will be able to transition to a fully digital real estate closing once the regulations and laws catch up with the available technology.

Built for the Future

As mentioned above, younger generations now make up the largest group of homebuyers. This trend will only continue as older generations are settled into their forever homes and new buyers emerge. Janus Title was on the cutting edge of digital real estate closing even before the pandemic made this a top-of-mind topic for many in the industry. Qualia Connect is designed to be future friendly and offer all of the features an enterprising real estate attorney needs to make the transition to offering a digital closing experience.

Younger buyers are increasingly doing their home search online with many even buying a home before seeing it in person. The trend is clear and real estate professionals need to follow the lead of the clients they serve. The popularity of a digital real estate closing process is only going to continue to grow in the coming years and Janus Title is uniquely positioned to provide professionals with the tools they need to capture this trend, develop their brand, and create loyal clients within the future generations of homebuyers.

Make the Transition Today

Making the switch to a more digital experience doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. In fact, many professionals find that a digital experience gives them more time to focus on client communication, offering excellent service, and building their business for the future. The Qualia Connect platform enables everyone to do their best work.

To learn more about the platform and partner with Janus Title, contact us today.



How Janus Title Helps Real Estate Agents Work Smart

Everyone has heard the old saying, “work smarter, not harder.” For real estate agents since the COVID-19 pandemic began, working smart has been essential to doing business. Seemingly overnight, real estate agents lost the ability to do the things that create an impactful experience for their clients. Those in-person walkthroughs became severely limited or even nonexistent at times. As a result, real estate agents had to become creative and use digital tools more than ever to connect with clients and continue to deliver exceptional experiences.

As the restrictions many have been working under begin to be lifted, a lot of agents and their clients are still finding that digital connections can make the buying or selling process a lot easier and more seamless. With the help of Janus Title, agents are able to blend the best of both digital service and in-person experiences to deliver the best possible buying or selling process for their clients. This represents the future of real estate as digitally savvy Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers and nearly half say they would buy a home entirely online.

With Janus Title, real estate agents can adapt their business to represent the clients of today as well as the clients of tomorrow.

Stay Connected Easily

In many real estate transactions, the real estate agent is the face of the deal. Of course, there are many people that come together and work to ensure a deal closes smoothly. The closing process typically includes real estate attorneys, title companies, and lenders. However, clients will often see their agent as the point person, so to speak.

This can prove challenging for agents as they manage multiple clients in various stages of the closing process. Much of the day could be spent calling other professionals to ensure timely completion of documents and communicate with their clients along the way. This is even more challenging considering the demand for housing has surged during the pandemic and agents may be dealing with more clients than ever before. Certainly not a bad problem to have but a challenging situation regardless.

With Janus Title, agents have access to the exclusive Qualia Connect platform. This industry-leading closing platform brings together all professionals working throughout the closing process into a single, streamlined experience. In one place, real estate agents can monitor every step of the closing process as things progress. Checking in on milestones for a specific deal is as simple as logging in and getting the latest status update. No more calling attorneys, emailing lenders, and then trying to relay that information back to curious clients.

In addition, video chats can be scheduled and launched directly through the Qualia Connect platform. It’s a simple way to bring everyone together digitally without the scheduling challenges of planning in-person meetings between busy professionals and clients.

Sign Documents Remotely

As anyone in the real estate business knows, there are plenty of documents that need to be signed and initialed throughout the closing process. This used to mean a lot of visits to real estate offices or attorneys’ offices simply just to put pen to paper and wait for the next major milestone. More recently, professionals have made use of digital signing platforms, which are more convenient than in-person signings, but can feel detached from the rest of the closing process. Plus, different agents, attorneys, and lenders use different signing services.

With Qualia Connect, digital closing is made easier with built-in digital signing. Documents can be uploaded and signatures can be requested with just a few clicks. Once the document is signed, everyone involved in the closing process can see the milestone update, access the signed documents, and quickly move on to the next milestone. Everything is all under one roof and everyone involved has the access they need. No follow up emails, no chasing down documents, and no more confusion or delays.

While some documents still require pen to paper, many jurisdictions around the country are moving to allow for more and more digital signatures. As regulations in Illinois catch up to the realities of the industry, Qualia Connect will be ready right away to facilitate true digital closings from beginning to end thanks to the built-in digital signing capabilities. From a client standpoint, this is a much more convenient experience as it doesn’t require them to take a portion of their day just to drive to an office to sign documents. For agents, this allows them to provide better service and process more clients quickly and effectively.

Building a Brand

As any good real estate agent knows, building a brand is an important part of being successful. For agents, the client experience is the cornerstone of any lasting brand image. Not only does it make for good marketing material, but it leads to organic business growth through referrals and word of mouth advertising. As the demographics of homebuyers continue to change and younger buyers enter the market, real estate agents must be aware of how their client experience plays with their growing base of clientele.

Qualia Connect is a platform based on efficiency. Ultimately, it’s designed to streamline and simplify what can often be a complex process when closing on a real estate deal. As mentioned above, real estate agents are often seen as the face of the entire real estate deal. Their reputation is on the line every step along the way. By bringing professionals together onto the Qualia Connect platform for the closing process, agents have more control over the client experience and can offer a streamlined closing process that no other platform can match.

From a client point of view, this can mean faster closings, less confusion, and fewer errors or delays. They can enjoy the certainty of having their real estate deal done more quickly than if they had chosen an agent who doesn’t use the Qualia Connect platform. At the end of the day, a happy client is likely to call again when it’s time to buy a bigger home or recommend their trusted real estate agent to family and friends.

Building a Complete Closing Experience

For real estate agents, digital tools have become incredibly important over the last year and a half. With Janus Title and the Qualia Connect platform, agents have an additional tool at their disposal to help use their time more effectively, provide clients with a better experience, and process more deals.

To learn more about the platform or to begin using this industry leading technology, contact the experts at Janus Title today.



How Janus Title Helps Attorneys Serve Gen-Z Homebuyers

The process of buying a home has been rapidly changing over the years and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire real estate industry to change more rapidly than before. Office meetings have been replaced by video chat, traditional open houses turned into virtual open houses, and digital signatures have become much more common when allowed. However, it’s not just the processes around buying and selling a home that are changing.

The demographics of homebuyers have also made a noticeable shift in recent years as younger generations are filling the space left behind by Gen-X and Boomers who have settled into their forever homes or are looking to downsize in retirement. In fact, Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers. It’s the generation after Millennials, Gen-Z, that is really starting to make people in the real estate industry take notice. Recent statistics suggest Gen-Z buyers now make up 2% of the homebuyers in the market today.

While they are a small slice of the pie today, Gen-Z homebuyers are just getting started. Just like with Millennials before them, it won’t be long until Gen-Z is a very real force in real estate. That’s why it’s important for industry professionals to recognize the demographic shift that is happening before them and prepare to serve the generation that may soon become their largest base of clients.

Who are Gen-Z Homebuyers?

There is always some debate about generations and the labels people apply to them. The generally accepted window to be considered Gen-Z is anyone born between 1997 and 2012. This means that the oldest members of Gen-Z are 24 years old. That is a unique age where people can be in wildly different stages of their lives. Some may still be in college while others have started their careers and are looking to begin putting down roots in a home that they can call their own.

Gen-Z has grown up in a very different world than what the generations before them experienced. While Millennials were the first generation to grow up alongside the internet, Gen-Z was the first generation to be born into homes where it was more common than not to have a home computer. It was around the turn of the millennium when more than 50% of homes had a computer and, just 10 years after that, 8 out of 10 homes had a home computer.

Computer ownership seems like a funny statistic to talk about today as most homes have more than one internet connected device. However, it’s important to understand when considering Gen-Z homebuyers, their experiences, and how that may form their expectations of what they want from a closing process as they buy their first homes.

Digital Processes Meet the Human Experience

Real estate will always be an industry built on person-to-person relationships. Regardless of what generation an attorney, realtor, or lender is working with, people want to work with professionals that can offer a personalized experience. It’s just that the ways that those relationships are developed and maintained will change over time.

Gen-Z homebuyers are accustomed to digital experiences. From their point of view, digital experiences are not a burden but, rather, a preference. Attorneys working with this generation, and the real estate industry as a whole, need to understand this very important fact. We could rattle off countless statistics about the shift occurring in real estate. For example, most people now begin their home search online. Some homebuyers even say they would buy a home based solely on online photos. This is why that personalized, person-to-person service must adapt to the digital preferences of new generations of homebuyers.

The closing process is beginning to adapt to these wishes. A digital closing is almost completely possible from beginning to end with just the final signature required in ink. As technology advances and regulations catch up, it’s very possible that a digital signature will be satisfactory in order to complete a home purchase. Most importantly, Janus Title is ready and waiting to ensure that this digital shift is smooth and seamless for the professionals we serve.

The Janus Title Difference

Even before COVID-19 and the many changes the real estate industry was forced to quickly adapt, Janus Title was an industry leader in bringing technology to the traditional real estate closing process. With the exclusive Qualia Connect platform, Janus Title enables real estate attorneys to complete a nearly full digital closing experience with their clients. Everything needed to offer this type of service is built right into the easy-to-use centralized platform.

Every aspect of an e-closing experience is managed in one place. All interested parties can be included to monitor and communicate as the closing process progresses. Milestone updates, document sharing, and secure messaging are offered directly through the Qualia Connect platform and can be accessed from any connected device including a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Need to schedule a meeting? Book everyone into a calendar event with built-in video chat to efficiently plan touchpoints.

Later in the closing process, digital signatures can be requested and captured without having to leave the platform. Ultimately, Janus Title is able to provide that efficient, digital closing experience that no other title company in the region is able to match. Not only does this meet the needs of Gen-Z homebuyers, it’s a competitive advantage for real estate attorneys looking to tap into the next generation of buyers and investors.

Combine all of that with the Janus Turnaround, which promises the fastest delivery of title insurance in Chicago, and the result is a platform built on the best technology and backed by some of the most experienced professionals in the real estate industry.

See the Difference for Yourself

This is just the beginning of a massive generational shift in real estate. Janus Title is uniquely positioned to help real estate attorneys adapt their business in order to meet the needs and expectations of Gen-Z homebuyers.

To see the difference that Janus Title and the Qualia Connect platform can make for your business, contact Janus Title today.


How Janus Title Can Help with Your 1031 Exchange

With incredible interest rates bordering on all-time lows, more and more people across the country are looking to real estate investing as an opportunity to build their wealth. Real estate investing gives people the ability to buy real property that has traditionally shown steady growth in value while also being able to generate passive income through renting. The allure of real estate investing combined with low rates has helped contribute to a hot housing market.

Like any investment, real estate investing can have a number of rules and best practices to follow in order to be successful. One term heard frequently in investment circles is “1031 exchange.” Savvy investors use this rule, which gets its name from section 1031 of the IRS code, to help shelter their real estate investment deals from capital gains taxes. Ultimately, this gives investors some additional flexibility when looking to make transactions.

It’s important to understand some of the finer details of a 1031 exchange to ensure this is the right move for a specific investor and, perhaps most importantly, ensure the rules are followed in order to correctly complete the transaction and enjoy the benefits. This article will help explain 1031 exchange rules and how Janus Title can play an integral role in a successful exchange.

An Overview of 1031 Exchanges

First of all, what is a 1031 exchange? Simply put, a 1031 exchange allows a real estate investor to exchange a property for another like-kind property. In doing so, the proceeds of the disposition of the property are exempt from capital gains taxes and reinvested into the new property. Investors could complete a number of exchanges without having to pay taxes along the way.

To be clear, this is not tax avoidance. Eventually, capital gains taxes will be due upon the final disposition of property. The 1031 exchange simply defers taxes until that event occurs, giving investors more funds in their pocket to continue investing. Most importantly, this process can help ensure capital gains taxes fall into the lower, long term bracket rather than the short term capital gain bracket.

Of course, the details of this type of tax deferred exchange can be more complex than simply selling a property and buying a new one. There are some clear rules that must be followed for an exchange to be eligible as a 1031 exchange.

Generally speaking, a 1031 exchange is reserved for investment and business property. There are rare cases where a residential property or vacation home may be used as part of such an exchange but those are the exception and not the norm.

Perhaps most important to understand about a 1031 exchange is the timeline of such a transaction. When an investor sells a property for the purpose of a 1031 exchange, a third-party holds the proceeds until a new property to purchase is identified. The new property must be declared within 45 days and closing must occur within 180 days. This does not leave a lot of room for error.

In the event that a cash profit is realized after the exchange, the remaining amount is paid to the seller and that amount would be taxable. However, this could allow the vast majority of funds to remain tax deferred with a much smaller amount left to pay in taxes. This is why real estate investors love the 1031 exchange process.

How Janus Title Can Help

As mentioned, the timelines to complete a 1031 exchange are one of the most important details for investors to understand. And, since both timelines for declaring a property and closing on it run concurrently, investors need to ensure a speedy and smooth transaction in order to be eligible for tax deferral.

Janus Title uses industry leading technology to deliver a faster closing process than any other title company in Chicagoland. This is the Janus Turnaround. In any real estate transaction, speed and efficiency is important. This is especially true when considering a 1031 exchange scenario.

With the exclusive Qualia Connect platform, Janus Title is able to provide a truly unique experience when it comes to closing on a property. The platform is built on communication and efficiency between all parties. Everything from monitoring progress, to digital signing requests, to launching video chats, to document storage, and even scheduling events or milestones are baked into a single platform.

Another area where Janus Title stands above the competition is the unprecedented access to company leaders in order to help complete a deal. Our team at Janus Title is made up of some of the most talented and experienced real estate professionals in the region. Investors and attorneys who work with Janus Title have access to this wealth of knowledge from senior leadership to help complete complex transactions like a 1031 exchange. Janus Title was built as the Chicago title company to turn to when timeliness and experience are of the utmost importance.

The Title Company for Real Estate Investors

A tax deferred exchange using section 1031 can be an incredible opportunity that allows investors to have their money continue to work for them most effectively. However, these deals are not to be taken lightly. They require expertise and efficiency. Janus Title has built an industry leading experience backed by the unmatched Qualia Connect platform to support investors and the real estate professionals we partner with.

To learn more about how Janus Title can be a trusted partner for 1031 exchanges, contact us today and see the difference a great team and groundbreaking technology can make in your next real estate transaction.



How Janus Title Cuts Through Red Tape to Close Faster

How Janus Title Cuts Through Red Tape to Close Faster


The real estate market across the United States is hot right now. Like, historically hot. Home prices are up 11% over the past year which marks the greatest single year growth in 15 years. There are countless statistics and many more anecdotal stories about just how well the housing market is doing. Stories of home selling within days, or even hours, of being listed. Sellers getting dozens of viewings over a single weekend with multiple offers coming in. Mortgage brokers fielding requests from countless applicants looking to take advantage of low interest rates. The examples go on and on.


This kind of excitement in the industry trickles down through everyone involved, from realtors to real estate lawyers and, of course, to Janus Title company as well. Buyers are excited about their new home purchase and real estate professionals want to deliver an exceptional experience. In many cases, the best way to ensure a satisfied client is to ensure the closing process is as smooth, efficient, and fast as possible. By cutting down on red tape, Janus Title is helping real estate professionals do just that. Here’s how.


Work Directly with the Principals


One of the most frustrating things of working with some businesses can be feeling like the support system is a labyrinth designed more to frustrate than to provide actual service. In the title business, where the closing process includes any number of people and moving parts, it can be even more frustrating. Worst of all, it can lead to unnecessary delays and unsatisfied clients who will be hesitant to leave positive reviews or make recommendations to the people they know.


Janus Title company provides direct access to all leaders within the company to quickly and efficiently process closings, attend to time-sensitive requests, and tackle any manner of situations that may need the so-called white glove treatment. There is no complicated support network to navigate and no waiting for messages to be passed along up through the various levels of management. In fact, team members are available after hours to attend to deals.


Nimble and Knowledgeable Staff


A great team makes all the difference, especially in the title insurance industry where experience can make all the difference in getting a complex closing done on time. While Janus Title is a title insurance company, the people working within the business have decades of experience working in all areas of the real estate industry. The highly capable team brings a wealth of knowledge that covers all aspects of a real estate deal. For example, our director of sales Paula Avenaim has over two decades of experience working as a closer, title examiner, escrow processor, and real estate broker.


When a title company has team members with this wide range of knowledge, it allows them to get outside the title insurance bubble and look at every unique situation through a variety of lenses. Janus Title staff and executives have the unique ability to understand every aspect of the closing process from the point of view of other professionals. At the end of the day, everyone wants to do the best job for the client and ensure the best experience. This level of broad understanding helps Janus Title work more effectively with other partners in the real estate industry.


Personal Connections Within the Industry


It’s hard to work for decades in the real estate industry without making a few good friends along the way. A dollar value cannot be placed on the great connections the team at Janus Title has made within the Chicago real estate world. For real estate attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, and their clients, this means that trusting Janus Title means trusting the people that know how to get things done. Combined with the industry leading technology and emphasis on efficiency, Janus Title simply knows the right people for each task and how to get it done fastest for their partners.


Janus Title executives will take after hours calls, know the right person to help with the task at hand on a first-name basis, and simply get deals done. At the end of the day, this means a faster closing process and happier clients. In the real estate industry, connections are everything and the team at Janus Title has worked for years to cultivate strong professional relationships.


The Fastest Technology


Personal connections and experience are important. Add in the fastest technology to help manage and complete the closing process and it’s truly a recipe for success. With the exclusive, industry-leading Qualia Connect platform, Janus Title can stand behind the Janus Turnaround. This promises the fastest closing process in the industry and it’s a benefit that all real estate partners working with Janus Title can feel confident in advertising to their clients.


Not only does Qualia Connect offer a faster closing process but it also enables all professionals involved in the process to collaborate more efficiently. The entire closing experience is managed in a centralized application that allows all parties to monitor the status and receive instant updates for important milestones. Organizing e-signatures for digital real estate closing is simple. Users can launch video chat conversations right from the platform. Instant quotes are available for rapid processing and cost certainty. Documents can be stored right on the platform and accessed from anywhere.


Technology is changing the real estate industry as a whole and Janus Title is on the leading edge of this with the exclusive Qualia Connect platform.


Experience the Janus Title Difference


Janus Title brings together a unique combination of technology, experience, industry connections, and an efficient business model to deliver a service that is unmatched by any other Chicago title company. Whether it’s a traditional closing or a hybrid closing, the flexibility and efficiency of the team at Janus Title ensures the job is done to a level that exceeds the expectations of clients.

Experience the Janus Title difference for yourself. Contact us today and see how we’ve changed the closing process forever.

Janus Title Helps Attorneys Do More During a Real Estate Boom

It has now been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold around the world, and more specifically, in North America. Normal life is slowly returning, but many aspects of society have been changed, perhaps forever. The pandemic began with a serious dip in stock markets, lockdowns across the country, and a wide swath of people losing their jobs or having their income reduced significantly.

Looking back on all that, it would have been almost unimaginable in the Spring of 2020 to predict that a real estate boom would be well underway just one year later, even as the pandemic still plays a role in the daily lives for people around the world. And yet, here we are. Home prices are increasing as more buyers enter the market to take advantage of incredibly low interest rates. In Chicago, prices are up 12.3% year-over-year. For those that qualify, now is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lock in a low interest rate and enter the world of homeownership. For others, it may be a great opportunity to take advantage of the increase in their home’s value and make the jump to a bigger home or a nicer neighborhood.

For real estate attorneys, this presents both an opportunity and a dilemma. More homebuyers mean more revenue and more income. But, on the flip side of that, how can a dedicated real estate attorney ensure each client gets a smooth and timely closing as their workload increases? More importantly, how can they deliver a memorable experience that leads to repeat business, referrals, and positive reviews? Janus Title has the answer.

Deliver a Unique Experience

Let’s face it: the closing process isn’t a sexy part of homebuying. Buyers and sellers generally don’t have a dedicated brand or name they turn to when thinking about a Chicago title company. Most people probably don’t think about the title agency they use at all. With that said, all clients care about the experience they get during the closing process and this is where Janus Title helps real estate attorneys differentiate their business from the competition.

It all begins with the exclusive Qualia Connect platform. This cutting-edge platform brings the closing process into the modern age with features that help the process move along efficiently. Ultimately, this allows Janus Title to offer the Janus Turnaround which promises faster turnaround for titles than anyone else in the business. At the end of the day, for clients, that means the deal for their first home, their dream home, or something in between is done faster with Janus Title than it would be with any other title company.

Ultimately, this is a branding opportunity for attorneys who want to be less of a commodity in the real estate business and more of a trusted partner who gets the job done. With more buyers entering the market and more homeowners looking to upgrade, this kind of speed and efficiency is a serious competitive advantage.

A Seamless Digital Platform

For homebuyers, their attorney is often the face of their real estate deal. Professionals in the industry know that, behind the scenes, attorneys have to work with title agencies, lenders, real estate agents, and other attorneys. All of these cooks in the kitchen and all of the requirements to get a deal done can certainly make the process complicated. Janus Title is built on efficiency with a seamless digital platform that allows everyone involved in the process to communicate through one centralized platform. Attorneys can monitor the status of documents, request e-signatures, schedule appointments, and even launch video chats right through the platform. Best of all, the mobile app allows real estate professionals to work from anywhere, which is essential in this remote work environment where people aren’t always chained to their desks.

Most importantly, this allows for better management of the customer experience. Instead of spending time focusing on the minutiae of a deal, a real estate attorney can ensure they are delivering a client experience that exceeds expectations. Deals are done more efficiently, customers are more satisfied, and the reputation of the firm is improved. It’s as simple as that.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Real estate is a rapidly changing industry. Buyers are increasingly using platforms like Zillow to help find their home. They are more likely to opt for a virtual open house than ever before. These are just extensions of overall consumer behaviors across other industries. For example, people have trusted Tesla when buying a new car online instead of from a dealership. Many will buy groceries and essential items from Amazon to take advantage of free, fast shipping to their home. Client expectations have changed in all aspects of their lives and they expect their real estate experience to match what they know and love from other companies.

Case in point: Millennials are often stereotyped as broke college students living in their parents’ attic. The reality is that Millennials are now pushing 40 years old. This is a generation in their prime earning years and they make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. Millennials were raised on the internet. They use smartphones more frequently than previous generations. Serving these clients is different than serving their parents or grandparents.

With Janus Title, real estate attorneys can stay on the cutting edge of technology and ensure the closing process they offer matches what their clients have grown to expect. As Millennials and Gen Z increasingly become homeowners, real estate attorneys will need to adapt or fall behind. Luckily, the technology they need is already here.

Delivering a Better Experience

At the end of the day, whether it’s a powerful mobile app, seamless communication between all parties, or the fast Janus Turnaround, it all means a better experience for clients and an

increase in efficiency for attorneys. This will prove to be essential when trying to ride the latest wave of excitement in the real estate market.

To learn more about Janus Title or partner and leverage this powerful platform for your clients, contact us today.

Improving the Home Buying Experience for Clients

Improving the Homebuying Experience for Clients

The homebuying experience is one of the most important transactions people will go through in their lives. With so much money and emotion involved in buying a home, there is a lot at stake for clients and, by extension, the professionals that help guide them through the process. Providing an exceptional client experience is something any good real estate professional strives for. Not only does it mean a successful transaction and a happy client today, it also means potential repeat business, word of mouth referrals, or glowing online reviews to help drive future business.

Unfortunately, the homebuying process is not always designed to be client-friendly. There is a lot of paperwork, rules, laws, as well as a number of people all working together to complete the transaction. Despite the best efforts of realtors, lawyers, and lenders, clients can still sometimes be left feeling lost, frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed.

Janus Title has partnered with some of the top real estate professionals in the industry to help make the real estate closing process more client-friendly. We’re leveraging industry-leading, exclusive technology to guide people through the real estate closing process and, ultimately, deliver better client experiences.

Keeping Homebuyers in the Loop

The way that people buy homes is evolving to a more digital experience from beginning to end. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated this trend but it was well underway beforehand as well. One reason for this shift may be that Millennials have become the largest group of homebuyers. That’s right: the generation that grew up on the internet, pioneered Netflix binge-watching, and swears by same-day Amazon Prime delivery is now the largest base of real estate consumers.

And those consumers expect effective and efficient communication. For many homebuyers today, that means regular status updates that they can access right at their fingertips just like they would access emails, text messages, or social media updates. Janus Title helps deliver this with Qualia Connect. Real estate professionals are able to provide instant status updates through the connected online platform as the process moves along.

For many clients, the sitting and waiting is the hardest part of buying a home. At Janus Title, we want to help remove that layer of worry for buyers. From the standpoint of professionals, this allows them to be more efficient with their time. Since status updates are delivered right through a central platform, there’s no longer a need to play phone or email tag. In a situation where more detailed communication is needed, a video chat can be scheduled and launched right from the Qualia Connect platform as well.

Pulling Back the Curtains on the Process

As mentioned, more and more buyers are carrying out their home purchase journey online. Even before COVID-19, nearly half of all homebuyers began the purchase process online. The internet has put information into the hands of buyers and gives them a better sense of understanding when it comes to buying a home. However, the real estate closing process has still largely remained something that happens out of sight. Of course, real estate professionals understand why this is. There is a lot of communication and paperwork required between a number of different parties to complete a deal. For the client, however, this is an anxious part of buying a home. Is the deal moving along smoothly? What stage is the process in? Has it fallen through? People can cause themselves a lot of stress just by worrying, whether justified or not. This creates a negative feeling about the process and people involved and, ultimately, reflects on the lawyers, realtors, and lenders involved.

With the clear, transparent, and easy-to-use platform from Janus Title, clients can monitor the closing process as it moves along. Instead of wondering what’s happening, they can simply log in and see for themselves. Combine that with easy status updates or communications from their trusted professionals along the way and suddenly clients feel like they are in control or, at the very least, not left in the dark.

A Customized Homebuying Experience

There are a number of things that make each client different from each other. Age, income level, experience with real estate, marital status, and any number of other factors can play an important role in what a client expects from the real estate closing process. Rather than trying to squeeze everyone into a one-size-fits-all solution, Janus Title gives real estate professionals the ability to tailor a unique client experience with each deal that comes across their desk. This has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic as offices closed down, people worked from home, and physical distancing measures were put in place.

With Janus Title, documents can be e-signed as the process progresses. Whether it’s from their office on their lunch hour, at home in their pajamas, or somewhere else, clients can sign when and where it’s convenient for them. Of course, some documents still require pen to paper and some clients also prefer that type of experience. In that case, we offer a professional, modern office space for clients to sign off on closing documents. For those that can’t, or won’t, visit an office then there is curbside signing available as well.

With this level of flexibility, real estate professionals can create a custom experience for their clients. And, like many customized products or services, clients see this offering as being more luxurious, boutique, and high-end than the one-size-fits-all closing service. They feel that their money is getting them better value. Most importantly, they will share their experience with friends, family, co-workers, and people who may see their online reviews or social media posts.

Building a Better Experience Together

The habits of homebuyers may be constantly changing, but one thing will always remain the same: their expectations for an exceptional experience. Janus Title enables real estate professionals to deliver on that expectation with each individual client and their unique needs.

To learn more about Janus Title and our unique closing platform, or to work with us on your next closing, contact us today.