How Janus Title Cuts Through Red Tape to Close Faster

May 22, 2021

The real estate market across the United States is hot right now. Like, historically hot. Home prices are up 11% over the past year which marks the greatest single year growth in 15 years. There are countless statistics and many more anecdotal stories about just how well the housing market is doing. Stories of home selling within days, or even hours, of being listed. Sellers getting dozens of viewings over a single weekend with multiple offers coming in. Mortgage brokers fielding requests from countless applicants looking to take advantage of low interest rates. The examples go on and on.

This kind of excitement in the industry trickles down through everyone involved, from realtors to real estate lawyers and, of course, to Janus Title company as well. Buyers are excited about their new home purchase and real estate professionals want to deliver an exceptional experience. In many cases, the best way to ensure a satisfied client is to ensure the closing process is as smooth, efficient, and fast as possible. By cutting down on red tape, Janus Title is helping real estate professionals do just that. Here’s how.

Work Directly with the Principals

One of the most frustrating things of working with some businesses can be feeling like the support system is a labyrinth designed more to frustrate than to provide actual service. In the title business, where the closing process includes any number of people and moving parts, it can be even more frustrating. Worst of all, it can lead to unnecessary delays and unsatisfied clients who will be hesitant to leave positive reviews or make recommendations to the people they know.

Janus Title company provides direct access to all leaders within the company to quickly and efficiently process closings, attend to time-sensitive requests, and tackle any manner of situations that may need the so-called white glove treatment. There is no complicated support network to navigate and no waiting for messages to be passed along up through the various levels of management. In fact, team members are available after hours to attend to deals.

Nimble and Knowledgeable Staff

A great team makes all the difference, especially in the title insurance industry where experience can make all the difference in getting a complex closing done on time. While Janus Title is a title insurance company, the people working within the business have decades of experience working in all areas of the real estate industry. The highly capable team brings a wealth of knowledge that covers all aspects of a real estate deal. For example, our director of sales Paula Avenaim has over two decades of experience working as a closer, title examiner, escrow processor, and real estate broker.

When a title company has team members with this wide range of knowledge, it allows them to get outside the title insurance bubble and look at every unique situation through a variety of lenses. Janus Title staff and executives have the unique ability to understand every aspect of the closing process from the point of view of other professionals. At the end of the day, everyone wants to do the best job for the client and ensure the best experience. This level of broad understanding helps Janus Title work more effectively with other partners in the real estate industry.

Personal Connections Within the Industry

It’s hard to work for decades in the real estate industry without making a few good friends along the way. A dollar value cannot be placed on the great connections the team at Janus Title has made within the Chicago real estate world. For real estate attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, and their clients, this means that trusting Janus Title means trusting the people that know how to get things done. Combined with the industry leading technology and emphasis on efficiency, Janus Title simply knows the right people for each task and how to get it done fastest for their partners.

Janus Title executives will take after hours calls, know the right person to help with the task at hand on a first-name basis, and simply get deals done. At the end of the day, this means a faster closing process and happier clients. In the real estate industry, connections are everything and the team at Janus Title has worked for years to cultivate strong professional relationships.

The Fastest Technology

Personal connections and experience are important. Add in the fastest technology to help manage and complete the closing process and it’s truly a recipe for success. With the exclusive, industry-leading Qualia Connect platform, Janus Title can stand behind the Janus Turnaround. This promises the fastest closing process in the industry and it’s a benefit that all real estate partners working with Janus Title can feel confident in advertising to their clients.

Not only does Qualia Connect offer a faster closing process but it also enables all professionals involved in the process to collaborate more efficiently. The entire closing experience is managed in a centralized application that allows all parties to monitor the status and receive instant updates for important milestones. Organizing e-signatures for digital real estate closing is simple. Users can launch video chat conversations right from the platform. Instant quotes are available for rapid processing and cost certainty. Documents can be stored right on the platform and accessed from anywhere.

Technology is changing the real estate industry as a whole and Janus Title is on the leading edge of this with the exclusive Qualia Connect platform.

Experience the Janus Title Difference

Janus Title brings together a unique combination of technology, experience, industry connections, and an efficient business model to deliver a service that is unmatched by any other Chicago title company. Whether it’s a traditional closing or a hybrid closing, the flexibility and efficiency of the team at Janus Title ensures the job is done to a level that exceeds the expectations of clients.

Experience the Janus Title difference for yourself. Contact us today and see how we’ve changed the closing process forever.


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