How Janus Title Helps Attorneys Go (Almost) Fully Digital

November 26, 2021

The transition into offering digital experiences has been put into high gear since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online shopping became a staple in everyday life, curbside grocery pickup grew in popularity, and drivers for food delivery apps put countless miles on their vehicles. Even the real estate industry has made a strong move into offering more digital solutions to clients who may be concerned about the ongoing pandemic or those who may simply just prefer digital connections over in-person ones.

Regardless of the reasoning, the trend is clear; Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers and Gen Z is making their presence known as well. As younger buyers begin to enter the market, they are going to seek out experiences they are comfortable with. For real estate attorneys, this means putting a focus on adjusting their business to accommodate those who prefer digital connections. However, this can prove to be a challenge. Systems, policies, and procedures are already in place making pivoting the entire business a daunting task for some.

Luckily, Janus Title has the all-in-one solution to help any eager real estate attorney modernize their business and capture a growing market of clients who want to buy and sell their homes, their way.

Digital Communication Built In

Communication is key in the real estate industry and this is especially true for any real estate attorney. For many people, buying or selling their home could be the single largest legal contract they execute in their entire lives. Between status updates, meetings, and signings, there are a lot of touchpoints for an attorney and their client.

Janus Title makes digital communication seamless thanks to the Qualia Connect platform which brings together everything professionals need during the real estate closing process. From within the platform, attorneys can schedule and launch secure video chat, send encrypted emails, and direct message interested parties.

In addition, attorneys can receive instant updates through the platform 24/7. When a milestone is achieved, regardless of the day or time, real estate attorneys can quickly begin the next step of the process. No waiting for a call during business hours or chasing down updates by phone. All of the information is consolidated and up-to-date within the Qualia Connect platform.

Review and Store Documents

Anyone in the real estate industry knows the incredible number of documents required to complete a deal. In the old days, documents were printed and shared in file folders that looked ready to burst at the seams. Today, documents tend to be digital but are often shared via email or a range of other services which is more convenient than stacks of paper files but still disjointed and unorganized.

The Qualia Connect platform offered exclusively by Janus Title brings all of those digital documents together in one place for easy sorting, viewing, and update monitoring. Instead of having everyone involved in the process on their own platform with their own document management platforms, Janus Title brings everyone together under one digital roof with secure, cloud-based document storage. Not only does this provide a seamless experience, it also allows for all parties to easily access the documents they need whenever and wherever they need.

Complete Digital Signings

There can be a lot of signatures and initials required along the way to complete a real estate deal. With digital signings, clients and other parties can easily provide their signature without having to book time and travel to an office for a quick meeting to put pen to paper. This frees up more time in everyone’s schedule to get more work done and process more deals.

Plus, with the digital signing feature built into the Qualia Connect platform, everything stays under one umbrella. No need to upload documents to another platform just to request signing, download the completed documents, and store them again. The process is simple and fast for those requesting signatures as well as those completing the signing.

Some signatures are still required to be wet signatures due to state regulations. This means there may be some situations where pen to paper is required. However, Qualia Connect is built in a way that real estate attorneys will be able to transition to a fully digital real estate closing once the regulations and laws catch up with the available technology.

Built for the Future

As mentioned above, younger generations now make up the largest group of homebuyers. This trend will only continue as older generations are settled into their forever homes and new buyers emerge. Janus Title was on the cutting edge of digital real estate closing even before the pandemic made this a top-of-mind topic for many in the industry. Qualia Connect is designed to be future friendly and offer all of the features an enterprising real estate attorney needs to make the transition to offering a digital closing experience.

Younger buyers are increasingly doing their home search online with many even buying a home before seeing it in person. The trend is clear and real estate professionals need to follow the lead of the clients they serve. The popularity of a digital real estate closing process is only going to continue to grow in the coming years and Janus Title is uniquely positioned to provide professionals with the tools they need to capture this trend, develop their brand, and create loyal clients within the future generations of homebuyers.

Make the Transition Today

Making the switch to a more digital experience doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. In fact, many professionals find that a digital experience gives them more time to focus on client communication, offering excellent service, and building their business for the future. The Qualia Connect platform enables everyone to do their best work.

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