How to Get More Closings Done Using Just a Smartphone 

October 16, 2021

It’s sometimes hard to think back to a life without smartphones. The handy devices are in hands and pockets everywhere. Going out without a smartphone feels like going out without pants on. They are connections to friends, family, entertainment, news, work, games, and pretty much everything imaginable on the internet. Plus, as many have learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, smartphones are essential business devices. 

 Of course, smartphones have been limited by technology as they have grown up from the trusty old Blackberry to the modern smartphones everyone knows and loves today. It used to be that a laptop or desktop computer was far more capable than a smartphone. However, things have changed. Now, thanks to the Qualia Connect platform exclusively offered by Janus Title, real estate attorneys can manage the closing process right from their smartphone. A digital real estate closing is possible using the device that pretty much everyone has right in their hand for much of the day. 

 There are countless examples of companies and employees choosing remote work as a way forward. With Qualia Connect, real estate attorneys and forward-thinking firms can capture this new wave, offer better work/life balance, and deliver exceptional service to clients at the same time. 

 Instant Updates with Just a Few Taps 

 The real estate closing process has a number of steps and people involved. Every real estate attorney knows how challenging it can be to keep everyone on the same page as the deals progress. A busy attorney could have dozens of deals on the go, all for different clients, different lenders, and different realtors. With each deal having its own challenges and moving through the various steps along the way at its own pace, communication can be one of the most difficult parts of the job. 

 Thanks to the Qualia Connect platform, communication is made easy. Real estate attorneys can get instant updates on the status of every deal they’re working on just by logging in using their smartphone. From there, attorneys and other professionals involved in the deal can easily monitor as milestones are achieved, documents are completed, and secure messages are shared with each other. No more emailing, phoning, and faxing a number of different people to get status updates. Attorneys can also use the built-in calendar to manage their schedule, organize meetings with other interested parties, and even launch secure video chat right through the app. 

 By making communication so quick and seamless from any connected device, real estate attorneys can stay on top of every closing process they are a part of, no matter where they may be. This enables more flexible work arrangements while keeping communication and organization as the top priority. Ultimately, with these features, real estate attorneys can process more deals, ensure more satisfied clients, and increase their revenue. 

 Security in the Cloud 

 Of course, attorneys can’t just trade in security for more convenience. Client information is the most important thing, above all else. Thankfully, with Qualia Connect, there is no compromising on security. Attorneys, their clients, and other professionals working on deals can feel confident with each message or document sent through the platform. Chat messages are encrypted to protect the sensitive details within. Documents can be uploaded and stored securely in the cloud so they can only be accessed by approved users. In addition, digital signing can be requested right through the Qualia Connect platform, which means documents don’t have to leave the platform, be uploaded to another service, or be printed and potentially lost or misplaced. 

 Qualia Connect doesn’t require users to make compromises on security. It provides additional layers of security for attorneys and other real estate professionals that are looking for enhanced security.  

 Simple, Fast Ordering of Title Insurance 

 Given that Janus Title is a title company, it would makes sense that the integrated Qualia Connect platform would offers title services unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Ordering titles and requesting title insurance is done right through the app. This kind of speed and convenience is what allows Janus Title to offer the Janus Turnaround:; a promise to deliver the fastest title turnaround of anyone in the Chicago area. 

 For real estate attorneys, requesting titles is seamless. The address is entered in the app, an instant quote is provided for cost certainty, and the order is placed. From there, Janus Title works on completing the order quickly. Ultimately, the fast and convenient process means clients can complete their digital closing process more quickly, attorneys can provide faster service, and more closings can be done within a short period of time.  

 With all of these capabilities available from a smartphone, real estate attorneys can enable their firm to deliver digital real estate closings. This is something that has become more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic and something that younger Millennial and Generation Z homebuyers are looking for as they enter the real estate market in higher numbers. 

 Enabling Attorneys with Technology 

 As the demand for digital real estate closings grows more and more, Janus Title is already prepared to enable real estate attorneys to deliver on that demand. With the innovative Qualia Connect platform, attorneys can operate their business from a smartphone, wherever they may be. Ultimately, this provides clients with a faster, stress-free experience as they complete the purchase of their home. 

 To learn more about the industry-leading Qualia Connect app, exclusive to Janus Title, contact our experienced professionals today. 



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