How Janus Title Helps Real Estate Agents Work Smart

September 1, 2021

Everyone has heard the old saying, “work smarter, not harder.” For real estate agents since the COVID-19 pandemic began, working smart has been essential to doing business. Seemingly overnight, real estate agents lost the ability to do the things that create an impactful experience for their clients. Those in-person walkthroughs became severely limited or even nonexistent at times. As a result, real estate agents had to become creative and use digital tools more than ever to connect with clients and continue to deliver exceptional experiences.

As the restrictions many have been working under begin to be lifted, a lot of agents and their clients are still finding that digital connections can make the buying or selling process a lot easier and more seamless. With the help of Janus Title, agents are able to blend the best of both digital service and in-person experiences to deliver the best possible buying or selling process for their clients. This represents the future of real estate as digitally savvy Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers and nearly half say they would buy a home entirely online.

With Janus Title, real estate agents can adapt their business to represent the clients of today as well as the clients of tomorrow.

Stay Connected Easily

In many real estate transactions, the real estate agent is the face of the deal. Of course, there are many people that come together and work to ensure a deal closes smoothly. The closing process typically includes real estate attorneys, title companies, and lenders. However, clients will often see their agent as the point person, so to speak.

This can prove challenging for agents as they manage multiple clients in various stages of the closing process. Much of the day could be spent calling other professionals to ensure timely completion of documents and communicate with their clients along the way. This is even more challenging considering the demand for housing has surged during the pandemic and agents may be dealing with more clients than ever before. Certainly not a bad problem to have but a challenging situation regardless.

With Janus Title, agents have access to the exclusive Qualia Connect platform. This industry-leading closing platform brings together all professionals working throughout the closing process into a single, streamlined experience. In one place, real estate agents can monitor every step of the closing process as things progress. Checking in on milestones for a specific deal is as simple as logging in and getting the latest status update. No more calling attorneys, emailing lenders, and then trying to relay that information back to curious clients.

In addition, video chats can be scheduled and launched directly through the Qualia Connect platform. It’s a simple way to bring everyone together digitally without the scheduling challenges of planning in-person meetings between busy professionals and clients.

Sign Documents Remotely

As anyone in the real estate business knows, there are plenty of documents that need to be signed and initialed throughout the closing process. This used to mean a lot of visits to real estate offices or attorneys’ offices simply just to put pen to paper and wait for the next major milestone. More recently, professionals have made use of digital signing platforms, which are more convenient than in-person signings, but can feel detached from the rest of the closing process. Plus, different agents, attorneys, and lenders use different signing services.

With Qualia Connect, digital closing is made easier with built-in digital signing. Documents can be uploaded and signatures can be requested with just a few clicks. Once the document is signed, everyone involved in the closing process can see the milestone update, access the signed documents, and quickly move on to the next milestone. Everything is all under one roof and everyone involved has the access they need. No follow up emails, no chasing down documents, and no more confusion or delays.

While some documents still require pen to paper, many jurisdictions around the country are moving to allow for more and more digital signatures. As regulations in Illinois catch up to the realities of the industry, Qualia Connect will be ready right away to facilitate true digital closings from beginning to end thanks to the built-in digital signing capabilities. From a client standpoint, this is a much more convenient experience as it doesn’t require them to take a portion of their day just to drive to an office to sign documents. For agents, this allows them to provide better service and process more clients quickly and effectively.

Building a Brand

As any good real estate agent knows, building a brand is an important part of being successful. For agents, the client experience is the cornerstone of any lasting brand image. Not only does it make for good marketing material, but it leads to organic business growth through referrals and word of mouth advertising. As the demographics of homebuyers continue to change and younger buyers enter the market, real estate agents must be aware of how their client experience plays with their growing base of clientele.

Qualia Connect is a platform based on efficiency. Ultimately, it’s designed to streamline and simplify what can often be a complex process when closing on a real estate deal. As mentioned above, real estate agents are often seen as the face of the entire real estate deal. Their reputation is on the line every step along the way. By bringing professionals together onto the Qualia Connect platform for the closing process, agents have more control over the client experience and can offer a streamlined closing process that no other platform can match.

From a client point of view, this can mean faster closings, less confusion, and fewer errors or delays. They can enjoy the certainty of having their real estate deal done more quickly than if they had chosen an agent who doesn’t use the Qualia Connect platform. At the end of the day, a happy client is likely to call again when it’s time to buy a bigger home or recommend their trusted real estate agent to family and friends.

Building a Complete Closing Experience

For real estate agents, digital tools have become incredibly important over the last year and a half. With Janus Title and the Qualia Connect platform, agents have an additional tool at their disposal to help use their time more effectively, provide clients with a better experience, and process more deals.

To learn more about the platform or to begin using this industry leading technology, contact the experts at Janus Title today.



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