Improving the Home Buying Experience for Clients

The home buying experience is one of the most important transactions people will go through in their lives. With so much money and emotion involved in buying a home, there is a lot at stake for clients and, by extension, the professionals that help guide them through the process. Providing an exceptional client experience is something any good real estate professional strives for. Not only does it mean a successful transaction and a happy client today, it also means potential repeat business, word of mouth referrals, or glowing online reviews to help drive future business.

Unfortunately, the home buying process is not always designed to be client-friendly. There is a lot of paperwork, rules, laws, as well as a number of people all working together to complete the transaction. Despite the best efforts of realtors, lawyers, and lenders, clients can still sometimes be left feeling lost, frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed.

Janus Title has partnered with some of the top real estate professionals in the industry to help make the real estate closing process more client-friendly. We’re leveraging industry-leading, exclusive technology to guide people through the real estate closing process and, ultimately, deliver better client experiences.

Keeping Homebuyers in the Loop

The way that people buy homes is evolving to a more digital experience from beginning to end. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated this trend but it was well underway beforehand as well. One reason for this shift may be that Millennials have become the largest group of homebuyers. That’s right: the generation that grew up on the internet, pioneered Netflix binge-watching, and swears by same-day Amazon Prime delivery is now the largest base of real estate consumers.

And those consumers expect effective and efficient communication. For many homebuyers today, that means regular status updates that they can access right at their fingertips just like they would access emails, text messages, or social media updates. Janus Title helps deliver this with Qualia Connect. Real estate professionals are able to provide instant status updates through the connected online platform as the process moves along.

For many clients, the sitting and waiting is the hardest part of buying a home. At Janus Title, we want to help remove that layer of worry for buyers. From the standpoint of professionals, this allows them to be more efficient with their time. Since status updates are delivered right through a central platform, there’s no longer a need to play phone or email tag. In a situation where more detailed communication is needed, a video chat can be scheduled and launched right from the Qualia Connect platform as well.

Pulling Back the Curtains on the Process

As mentioned, more and more buyers are carrying out their home purchase journey online. Even before COVID-19, nearly half of all homebuyers began the purchase process online. The internet has put information into the hands of buyers and gives them a better sense of understanding when it comes to buying a home. However, the real estate closing process has still largely remained something that happens out of sight. Of course, real estate professionals understand why this is. There is a lot of communication and paperwork required between a number of different parties to complete a deal. For the client, however, this is an anxious part of buying a home. Is the deal moving along smoothly? What stage is the process in? Has it fallen through? People can cause themselves a lot of stress just by worrying, whether justified or not. This creates a negative feeling about the process and people involved and, ultimately, reflects on the lawyers, realtors, and lenders involved.

With the clear, transparent, and easy-to-use platform from Janus Title, clients can monitor the closing process as it moves along. Instead of wondering what’s happening, they can simply log in and see for themselves. Combine that with easy status updates or communications from their trusted professionals along the way and suddenly clients feel like they are in control or, at the very least, not left in the dark.

A Customized Homebuying Experience

There are a number of things that make each client different from each other. Age, income level, experience with real estate, marital status, and any number of other factors can play an important role in what a client expects from the real estate closing process. Rather than trying to squeeze everyone into a one-size-fits-all solution, Janus Title gives real estate professionals the ability to tailor a unique client experience with each deal that comes across their desk. This has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic as offices closed down, people worked from home, and physical distancing measures were put in place.

With Janus Title, documents can be e-signed as the process progresses. Whether it’s from their office on their lunch hour, at home in their pajamas, or somewhere else, clients can sign when and where it’s convenient for them. Of course, some documents still require pen to paper and some clients also prefer that type of experience. In that case, we offer a professional, modern office space for clients to sign off on closing documents. For those that can’t, or won’t, visit an office then there is curbside signing available as well.

With this level of flexibility, real estate professionals can create a custom experience for their clients. And, like many customized products or services, clients see this offering as being more luxurious, boutique, and high-end than the one-size-fits-all closing service. They feel that their money is getting them better value. Most importantly, they will share their experience with friends, family, co-workers, and people who may see their online reviews or social media posts.

Building a Better Experience Together

The habits of homebuyers may be constantly changing, but one thing will always remain the same: their expectations for an exceptional experience. Janus Title enables real estate professionals to deliver on that expectation with each individual client and their unique needs.

To learn more about Janus Title and our unique closing platform, or to work with us on your next closing, contact us today.



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